Black couple snow globe Christmas tree charm

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Bring a touch of festive cheer to your home this Christmas season with our Black Couple in a Snow Globe Christmas Tree Charm.

This charming snow globe features a cute black couple in the midst of a winter wonderland, surrounded by snow. Made from high-quality Recycled acrylic (R-MMA), this snow globe illustration is built to last and perfect for display year after year.

Add an extra touch of magic and joy with this charming snow globe that embodies the spirit of love during Christmas time. Made with Recycled acrylic (R-MMA) that will last through many seasons - it's sure to become one of your favourite decorations!


Height 7.5cm

3mm thick

Materials - Made from Recycled acrylic (R-MMA)

Gold thread attached


UK delivery, will be in your hands within 1-3 days

US/Canada will be in your hands within 10 days

Australia/Rest of World will be in your hands within 14 days

(Pretty obvs- but pleeease order within good time of the special occasion it's needed for!)

So much Love, it's unreal X