Kitsch Noir

Kitsch Noir is the award winning, family friendly, black greeting cards and stationery brand, helping you to create an aesthetically pleasing and organised life style. Hand drawn in London.





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Gifts that keep giving

This item was amazing. Very straight forward in using and it came with instructions. I can now clearly see what I’ve got going on in front of me it’s fab.

Sharmael W

This really helped me get my life together during a work secondment whilst working from home for the first time. Particularly love the space for a quote. Good quality thick paper, great design - what's not to love!

Nicole E

Arrived super quick. Having it loud, proud and pretty in my kitchen certainly has encouraged me to prioritise my schedule/plans. Easy to use over a month and a half period, stylish with my decor. A good investment compared to a bulky whiteboard on a stand. Ain't nobody got time fi dat bruh! LOL!

Betty V

Gorgeous card! Lovely packaging. Just perfect


Beautiful cards. Incredibly speedy delivery.


Bought this as a gift for a friend, great quality and she loved it!