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Our Vision Board Workshops

The KitsCH Noir session is great for team building/bonding and really helps corporate individuals to focus on their personal development outside of work. Not to mention, they are super fun and are a great way for an organization to let employees know they are valued.



"We engaged in wellness and development activities.  We learnt about different visualisation techniques and how to apply them into our every day routine. Team members felt positive and energised after the workshop!"

Colleen Roberts


"It was a great team building activity and a chance to really connect with our feelings and other collegues. We received lots of positive feedback about how relaxing it was and a great chance to do something different. We also loved supporting a Black-owned business."

Samantha Williams

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"This was a great workshop and our students really bonded from this initial session. It was great to host this at the start of the academic year to help student come out of their shell and discover a new activity that they can go and explore on their own. It was good to ground our students and set some intentions for what they want to get out of the workshop and their future."

Raveena Francis