KitsCH Noir Vacancies


As a KitsCH Noir stall associate, you are responsible for providing a welcoming, upbeat customer service experience on market stalls and pop up events. This involves dealing with customers, selling greeting cards and stationery, handling payments and making sure that the products are attractively displayed. 

Your main task will be to greet/welcome customers, giving them an insight to the products and offers available. You will also offer advice and answer questions, not just about products and prices but also any special promotions that may be running that are not available on the website. You will seek to develop excellent relationships with customers, encouraging them to keep in touch by following the brand on social media platforms, ensuring a positive shopping experience so they leave the stall feeling uplifted and satisfied!

The KitsCH Noir stall associate will need to develop specialist skills and an expert level of KitsCH Noir product knowledge. This will be attained through research on the company site and a training session with our founder. 

The need to be flexible, adaptable and open to working in different environments is a must. (EG outdoor events, events which may consist of traveling over an hour and office events) KitsCH Noir stall associate should be comfortable with physical work, as it may involve lifting, carrying stock and standing for long periods whilst serving at the stall. Depending on the event, stall associate may have to work early mornings or weekends. 





The role is on a casual basis and salary is £10 per hour. Please email - with your CV detailing appropriate experience/characteristics. Title of the email should read: STALL ASSOCIATE ROLE. We would love to hear from you if you think this role is for you!