Dry Wipe Marker Pens (8 pack)

$4.54 $9.08

Be supremely organised with this cute little pack of dry wipe marker pens! The 8 colours come in a beautifully designed KitsCH Noir box and are all 12 cm in height. The pens have a small nib to ensure precise writing on your chosen white board. Perfect for colour coding! Use these pens to plan, prepare and progress!

(Customers are advised to spray a light mist of water before wiping away)

We recommend watching our ‘How to plan and organise your month’ Youtube video for some advice on how to colour code using your new pens!


Contents include:

X8 Dry Wipe Pens

Measures H12 X W1cm

Colours included: Blue, Purple, Red, Green Pink, Orange & Yellow.